Founder of GoGro, JOHN COOPER says "The european methods of agriculture that were adopted in the colonial days of Australia are completely inappropriate for the eco-system of our great, sun-bronzed continent."

John's aim is to develop an aussie alternative that will nourish our soil and work with the environment, instead of against it.
"Traditional farming has led to desertification time and time again," John says, "so we need to find more environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to farm." 
With this in mind, he has plans to create a large scale worm farm which can provide worm castings and worm juice as alternatives to traditional farming.

By enriching the soil with worm products and growing plants that are native to your local region, John believes anyone, from a farmer on the land, to a city dweller with limited space to grow a few vegies, can each contribute to the environment by using more eco-friendly methods, which give back to the soil.    
"It is time to find ways to work with the environment and use truly local plants to increase yield, increase profits and reduce costs." says John.

"All it takes is manure and food waste. The worms do the rest and the farmer benefits by getting an improved yield with lower costs. By grow indigenous plants, you are co-operating with the environment, which profits everyone, including the earth itself. The earth can live without us, but we cannot survive without it, so healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy food equals a healthy population."

CONTACT  GOGRO  (Bendigo) Mob:  0488-564-640