Nothing enhances the look of your home more than an immaculately mowed lawn.
Keep your garden trim and looking its best by having it mowed by GoGro once a fortnight and you'll be the envy of your whole neighbourhood.
Selling your home?
Rental inspection looming?
GoGro offers a deluxe home-care service to mow, clean and generally tidy-up your front and back yards.
If you rent, GoGro will ensure your property will pass any Landlord inspection.
And if you're a home-owner, add value to your home. Go-Gro can spruce up your garden so that you're ready for Open Inspections and that all-important photo shoot to advertise your house.
Buyers will be impressed. Remember, first impressions DO count.

GoGro's garden service also includes:-

* Maintenance of lawn and flower beds
How does your garden grow? Working hard all week? Need to relax on the weekends? GoGro can maintain your lawns and flower beds all year round, coring, fertilising and weeding as required, so that your property is always looking its best and you can enjoy your weekends, instead of toiling in the garden.

* Potting
There more to potting plants than throwing some soil in a pot. Let GoGro get your plants off to a good start by potting them the correct way and to help them flourish.

* Mulching
Mulching is good for your garden because it puts nutrients back into the soil and also helps keeps moisture in, which means you have to water less often.

* Vegetable Gardens
Vegie plots are back in fashion! They can provide your family with healthy, organic produce, save you money at the supermarket and are a great project for the kids too. GoGro can establish a complete vegie garden in your back yard and maintain it for you, if you so desire. You'll just love eating fresh-picked vegies from your own vegie plot. 

* Herb gardens
Dont forget the herbs, mum! The perfect complement to any vegie garden is, of course,  a herb garden to provide your family with all the flavours to enhance your meals. GoGro can establish a complete herb garden for you, so you can eat healthy all year round with fresh herbs and vegetables from your own backyard.

* Trimming hedges
Hedges are beautiful, but nothing looks more shabby than a hedge that hasn't been trimmed. If your property is flanked with hedges, GoGro can trim them periodically and keep them looking neat and tidy for you.

* Pruning
Pruning is an essential part of keeping your trees and shrubs healthy. GoGro is expert at pruning plants correctly so that they will flourish even more when they regrow. GoGro can also remove dead or overhanging tree branches that could cause damage to your property.

* Weeding
Weeding is backbreaking work and you've got better things to do with your weekend, right? GoGro can take the backache out of weeding your garden and you'll love the result!

* Compost Units
We all need to do our bit for the environment and composting our organic rubbish is one way that we  can all help the environment. GoGro can supply compost units for your garden to make it more eco-friendly and help reduce landfill. 

* Rubbish Removal
We all tend to accumulate some rubbish along the way, so if your back yard is looking a bit worse for wear, GoGro can help with a rubbish removal service to clean up your property and restore its original beauty.

* Cleaning Gutters
Gutters filled with leaves, twigs and other rubbish clog your eaves and can cause wall and ceiling damage when it rains. Gutters full of debris are also a fire hazard during our long hot summers, so get your gutters cleaned regularly by GoGro and protect your property from fire or flood damage.

* Cleaning Pools
The kids love splashing in the pool, but who wants to spend the weekend cleaning it? GoGro can clean and maintain your pool so that its crystal clear and sparkles all year around.

* Holiday Service - Watering your lawn/garden when you're away on holiday.
We all look forward to our annual holidays, but if we go away, who's going to look after our property and make sure the lawn and garden don't die? GoGro offer a holiday service to water your lawns and garden while you're away. You'll have the peace of mind of knowing someone is visiting your property to water and can also notify you if they notice anything is amiss. Now you can go away without the worry of property maintenance or security.
CONTACT  GOGRO  (Bendigo)  Mob: 0488-564-640