Up until the 1950's just about every aussie backyard had its own vegie garden and grew fresh vegetables to help feed the family all year round. Many had their own fruit trees too and mum's were kept busy in season and out, making jams and preserves from the  produce grown right in their own backyards.

In the 21 century, life has become very busy and back yard vegie gardens have all but disappeared. These days people mostly rely on Supermarket produce to stock their fridge, but what would you do if, one day, the Supermarket shelves were empty?

Whether we like it or not, massive food shortages are predicted in this century, in all parts of the world, including developed western countries.


The media rarely mentions this because it doesn't want to alarm people, but with the population of the earth at 7 billion (7,000,000,000) and counting, maintaining our food supply is one of the most pressing worldwide problems today. What will you do if one day, your Supermarket runs out of basic foodstuffs?

And even if it doesnt, how sure are you about the nutritional value of the food you buy? So many additives and preservatives are mixed into our food these days that buying processed foodstuffs has become a risky business, especially if you have allergic children in your household. There is even evidence to suggest that illnesses like ADHD are triggered by these chemicals. The use of pesticides is also an issue and obesity in children is another (pardon the pun) growing problem in Australia.

This is due to our predominantly sedentary lifestyle and heavy reliance on take-away food. Even processed foods from the Supermarket are stuffed with fat, gluten and msg and carbonated drinks (especially energy drinks) fuelled with corn syrup, fructose and sugar. In addition, GM food (genetically modified) is also creeping into our food supply and there are no labels to warn us about which produce is GM.

So, for all the reasons outlined above, it makes sense to return to a simpler and more healthier way of living and eating and a vegie garden in your own backyard can be a giant step in that direction. However, the dilemma for most people is how and where to start? Very few people know anymore, about how and when to plant fruits and vegetables, as most people are unaware of the seasonal ebb and flow of various varieties. Nor do we have the time to establish a vegie garden.

To combat that problem, GoGro offers a complete Herb and Vegetable Garden establishment service. John Cooper will design and  dig out a vegetable plot in your backyard, seeding it with HERITAGE SEEDS in a mixture of herbs and vegetables to provide your family with various popular vegetables in season. Once its established, all you have to do is water it. Looking after a vegie garden is a great project for the kids too.  

So don't wait. The time to start planting is always now! Get your herb/vegetable garden planted now and before you know it, you'll be enjoying vegies from your own garden, eating healthy and doing your bit for the environment.

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